Coconuts and half-banana bassists are way cool

Seattle delinquents from the Charming Snakes and Unnatural Helpers never resist arrests that lead to “Party Jail” in their collaborative effort as Coconut Coolouts. You want jerky rock 'n' roll irreverence? You need more “Chocolate Money” in your account? Dude, so do we. We also need more bassists who are half-banana, which the Coolouts deliver. Therefore we suggest get thee to the Hemlock tonight for the Coolouts show of snotty attitude and bullshit humor that promises good times for the low-brow types (please note the CC’s description of their recording process: “All fourteen tracks were recorded in less time than it took Emerson, Lake & Palmer to mic their tuning fork.”). Totally! Tuning forks are only cool at Matmos shows. —Jennifer Maerz

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