Com Truise on the Good Side of Chillwave, and Why Hardware Synths Are Better Than a Laptop

You may cringe at the thought of more chillwave infiltrating your eardrums, and we don't blame you. It seems like more and more artists are using airy melodies filled with incomprehensible lyrics, making it hard to distinguish one track or musician from the next. Thankfully, there's Com Truise, whose incredibly creative work has landed him a remix on Daft Punk's upcoming TRON: LEGACY R3CONFIGUR3D — the official remix compilation of the TRON: LEGACY soundtrack. As if his name isn't cool enough, this New Jersey-based electronic artist and designer is releasing his next album on the acclaimed Ghostly International label. A truly imaginative mind, Com Truise's music represents the finest of the new school East Coast beat scene. Throw away any chillwave prejudice you may have by checking the interview below, where Truise explains his weird name, his thoughts on chillwave, and why he prefers playing real synths to using a laptop. Com Truise performs with Gold Panda and SBTRKT at 103 Harriet this Friday.

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