Concert preview: King Khan

Since bailing on the super-obnoxious Spaceshits some 10 years ago, Arish “King” Khan has gone on to blaze a prolific path as the antic-prone frontman for a variety of retro-fried outfits. The finest of these is King Khan and the Shrines. Equal parts shtick-y pranksters and deft musicologists, the Shrines weld Nuggets-era fuzz stomp, brown acid psychedelia, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics to a classic Stax chassis, resulting in a muscular garage-soul revue that is second to none. After a quick hop to Coachella, Khan returns to the city and his punk-slop roots, leading the berobed and debauched garage “supergroup” the Almighty Defenders. Rounded out by the Black Lips and frequent Khan collaborator Mark Sultan (aka BBQ), the Defenders' sound falls somewhere between a call-and-response gospel soul session and an excuse to get together, get loaded, and play instruments poorly.

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