Cool Ghouls: Show Preview

Did someone say jangly indie-pop was dead in San Francisco? Clearly they aren't hip to Cool Ghouls, an upstart foursome offering scrappy, reverb-saturated guitar glee with a touch of charming juvenilia. Yes, there are like 50 million other bands doing pretty much that same thing right now, but Cool Ghouls are a tad catchier than most. This month they share a double residency at Amnesia with Cellar Doors, a trio modeled on the early, eerily psychedelic days of 1960s rock. Shadows of the Jefferson Airplane and the Velvet Underground cross with the influence of more modern bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to make a polished take on gloomy, swirling rock. This pairing should be a good one: bright and clean matched with dark and dirty.

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