Cop Atmosphere & Aesop Rock's Record Store Day Single

How was your Record Store Day? Did you relive the simple bygone joys of exchanging physical money for a cold hard physical artifact that you could display proudly in your home and, if need be, use as a doorstop or coaster? 
If you didn't make it to a participating retailer to pick up the six-track label-sampler picture disc released for the occasion by Rhymesayers Entertainment, never fear: The sometime music blog and all-around haven for San Francisco's most badass public artists, 900 Bats, has the first track, “Which Way Is Up” by Atmosphere with Aesop Rock, for download. Ah, the complex contemporary joys of exchanging a string of text for an invisible digital artifact that sounds more or less the same as its physical counterpart! Check it out below.

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