Corinne: Show Preview

Despite its name, “freestyle” holds to a certain pattern. Borne on a generous application of syncopated drum machine jitters and tweaked electro bass and topped with flitting synth melodies, the genre is inescapably associated with New York and Miami in the early '80s. And yet a pitch-perfect manifestation of the irrepressibly flirty sound feels right at home in the here and now, embodied by NorCal's own Corinne. Backed by tracks from producer Josh Anzano, she sings about buoyant dreams and parties that spill from the clubs into the streets, feeding the heat alongside burbling stabs and cascades of chiming keyboard. This week, Corinne opens for Oslo's Lindstrøm, which layers oscillating cadences, auroral chords, and iridescent pulsations into zero-gravity disco.

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