Crooked Fingers: Show Preview

Archers of Loaf played its first show in 13 years last January, but the indie-punk abstractionists' heralded return hasn't caused Eric Bachmann to abandon Crooked Fingers, the project that's occupied him since 2000. On the contrary, Breaks in the Armor, Fingers' sixth full-length, finds Bachmann's thoughtful, aged voice flowing over sturdy alt-country and folk once again. Over the years, Fingers' work has been consistently well-received, with a handful of repeated comparisons both dogging the North Carolina singer/guitarist and boosting his rep. “I'm supposed to sound like Neil Diamond and Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen,” Bachmann once said in an interview, “but how the fuck am I supposed to sound like all four of them at the same time?”

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