Culture Club Cancels Reunion Tour, Masonic and Fox Theater Dates “Postponed”

And lo, a river of mascara-stained tears did flow through the streets of San Francisco yesterday as the singer/force of nature known as Boy George announced that Culture Club would have to cancel the band's first tour in 12 years, due to its iconic frontman's illness. Shows at the Masonic this Sunday, Nov. 16 and at the Fox Theater in Oakland Monday, Nov. 17 have been indefinitely postponed. 
[jump] From a statement issued by the band's publicist:

It is with great regret that the members of Culture Club have announced the cancellation of their tours in North America and the UK scheduled for November and December 2014.

It became necessary to do so this week when a polyp was discovered in George’s throat. The throat specialist has ordered George to not sing as it may necessitate an operation. George and the band are devastated by this news and so it is with much regret that the tour is cancelled until further notice. Refunds are available at the point of purchase.

Sure, Boy George has had a rough few years, and his face as of late seems to be frozen into a permanent Blue Steel, but we were stoked for this comeback neverthless. On the plus side, the scene of a doctor telling the singer that he must not under any circumstances sing sounds like the beginning of a great, overcoming-all-the-odds musical, probably one with some excellent hats.

Until then, good sir: Get well. We forgive you. We know you didn't really want to make us cry. 

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