Cut Copy on Making Music for Saturday Nights, and Translating Their Studio Work to the Stage


With its 2,800-seat capacity and cavernous interior — featuring dual glaring, big-belled Buddhas — the Fox Theater in Oakland has swallowed up many a lesser band, reducing rockers who can't adequately project to mere specks on stage. For Australian dance-rock outfit Cut Copy, however, the large confines of the Fox should prove no obstacle: If ever a band was handcrafted to play big rooms, it's this group. Boasting a catalog that contains irresistibly catchy anthems like “Need You Now,” and “Hearts on Fire,” Cut Copy summons an ideal mix of rock bombast and electronic energy that will be on display this Saturday, Nov. 2, at the Fox. Ahead of the show, we spoke over the phone with Cut Copy founder Dan Whitford from Nashville, Tenn., where the group was prepping for a two-month international tour in support of its fourth album Free Your Mind.


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