Daniel Day Lewis Tribute: Telluride Film Festival – Day One


em>SF Weekly food and film writer Meredith Brody is at the Telluride Film Festival, where she brings our culture blog “All Shook Down” this collection of anecdotes and notes from high up in the cool Rockies. Hit it, Mer. -d2

When I checked in at the Telluride Film Festival charter flight desk at the Denver airport, the airline representative looked at me with some interest. “Your seat mate,” she said, “is Sean Penn.” As I suspected, however, Mr. Penn did not show up. (It’s much easier for movie stars to get re-booked on 20-seat planes than it is for mere mortals.)

I was relieved, for two reasons: the moment I heard I was to be sitting across from him, the name of all of his directorial projects disappeared from my mind, limiting the prospect of small talk. Plus, I said to a friend, the possibility of the headline Sean Penn and Others Perish had flashed across my mind. To which he’d replied, “But it could have read Sean Penn Rescues Seatmate.”

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