Daniel Wang and Honey Soundsystem Remember Patrick Cowley at Holy Cow

Honey Soundsystem presents a Tribute to Patrick Cowley with Daniel Wang

Holy Cow

Oct. 21, 2012

Better than: It's hard to compare, honestly.

The “golden age of San Francisco dance music” is how writer and musician David Diebold refers to the brief window of time between 1978 and 1983 in his essential history book Tribal Rites: San Francisco's Dance Music Phenomenon. It was during these years that San Francisco carved a niche and established a sound for itself. With roots in the city's gay discos, the “San Francisco Sound” was a unique take on Hi-NRG that carried within its chunky arpeggiations and bizarre lyrics an almost psychedelic surreality. At the heart of this movement was the vision of Patrick Cowley, a club lighting technician and early electronic music experimenter who got his break when a demo tape found its way into the hands of Sylvester.

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