Darq E Freaker's 'The 3-D Mix': London Beats to Blow Up Your Ears

Here's a little something to blow up your ears this weekend: A new mini-mix by London grime/dubstep producer Darq E Freaker, initially put together for British MTV. Darq E Freaker is a still relatively up-and-coming producer over there, known among other things for producing Tempa T's wickedly confrontational “Next Hype.” He's on his way up on this side of the Atlantic, too: Breakout Detroit rapper Danny Brown is a fan, and there's word that Brown will soon be laying down rhymes over Darq E Freaker's “Blueberry,” one of the tracks included on this roughly 28-minute mix.

The whole thing is worth a listen: Over slamming grime basslines, Darq E Freaker slaps down fat, jarring melodies that sound cheesy and dirty and titanic at the same time. He'll weave in wisps of vocal samples and crystalline arpeggios, too, but the core ingredient here is the jabbing square-synth low-end hits. The mix just gets better the longer it plays and the louder you turn up the volume. Check it out after the jump.

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