Dave Matthews Band Voter Registration: So Begins Another Inane 'Rock the Vote' Season

In a choice between voting, and dying for 12 months and never

having to hear an idiot musician tell me to “Vote or Die,” I take

death. Liberty should mean not having to listen to this stupid crap:

HeadCount, the volunteer-run voter registration organization that registered nearly 50,000 voters in 2004 through alliances with Dave Matthews Band and other artists, has announced an ambitious plan to stage voter registration drives at more than 500 concerts over the next year, with a goal of registering 200,000 new voters.

HeadCount will be the only national organization to stage voter registration at

concerts on a large scale in 2008, employing registration methods it has tested

and perfected over the last three years.

Virginia McEnerney, the former Vice President of Corporate Relations at Time Warner Inc., has been named the first full-time executive director of the non-profit organization, which to this point had been run entirely by volunteers. Dave Matthews Band, the Allman Brothers Band, and members of Phish and the Grateful Dead continue to be aligned with HeadCount, along with new

artists such as O.A.R.

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