David Lindley: Show Preview

David Lindley doesn't have the name value of Dolly Parton, Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan, or Warren Zevon, but seeing as his résumé features stints playing alongside those heavyweights (plus many others), there's gotta be something special about the man. Since 1966, the So Cal-bred multi-instrumentalist has floated around the fringes of pop music as a session musician. Along the way, he's quietly cultivated his own discography, delivering rollicking, multiculti-laced rock 'n' roll on solo records and with bands such as Kaleidoscope and El Rayo-X. Lindley must have loads of knowledge to disperse; after all, this guy once performed in a banjo competition against blues great Taj Mahal, and has assembled an impossible-to-catalog collection of instruments over the decades, helping him learn to play stringed devices as varied as the guitar, the mandolin, and the Middle Eastern oud.

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