Dead Prez + Boots Riley Tonight @Black Dot

Outside Lands, Shmoutside Lands. The hundreds of folks who came out to Yerba Buena Gardens to see dead prez and Mistah F.A.B. perform for free yesterday may have gotten a better deal than the tens of thousands who shelled out $90 to see M.I.A., Lucinda Williams, the Dead Weather, and Tenacious D. I'm not saying that just because – full disclosure – I worked the PR for this event, a solar-powered hip-hop concert presented by Grind for the Green. Nah, for realz, the sun even poked through just in time for DPz' “Summertime,” which is more than I can say for that other event in Golden Gate Park. And while M.I.A.'s militant hit “Paper Planes” might have fired up the OL crowd for a brief instant, making them forget the plunging mercury and the absence of the Beastie Boys, if there's a better revolutionary anthem out there than DPz' show-closing classic “(It's Bigger Than) Hip-Hop,” I've yet to hear it.

M-1 and will be in the Bay for a couple of days (artists: if you're tryna link up with them for verses, now's the time to holla), and tonight from 6-9pm, they appear at Oakland's Black Dot Café for a FREE lecture, discussion, and Q&A facilitated by none other than Boots Riley of the Coup (who made his festival debut at OL with Street Sweeper Social Club). It's like a “Behind the Music” episode with a red, black, and green tint: Find out more about DPz' involvement in the green hip-hop movement, their participation in Cuba's Black August celebrations, and why the revolution is bigger than hip-hop. 

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