Dear Dr. Dre, Please Stop Trying to Sell Us Things Other Than Detox

Is it greed? Does he need the money? Or does Dr. Dre really not know that the world would much rather receive Detox — the album he's been promising us since 2004 — than his endorsement of the speakers in luxurious new Chrysler sedans?

For those of you new to Dre's latest outrage, let's recap: Dude has a headphone/audio company named after him. (He was the first; other rappers have followed; it's all pretty dumb if you ask us.) Dude's protégé white rapper Slim Shady did a Super Bowl ad for ailing Detroit automonster Chrysler — which was, it must be said, rather cool. So far we're okay, right? 
But then Eminem sent his doctor to Chrysler. The legendary SoCal producer/rapper's “Beats ny Dre” label will be all over the fancy audio systems in the company's cars, starting with the new Chrysler 300S. 
Meanwhile, Detox doesn't yet have a release date.

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