Dear Live 105 and Treasure Island: 'Hipster' Is Neither a Music Genre Nor a Term of Praise

I heard the voice booming through a store in downtown San Francisco on Saturday: Something about “hipster” bands too “hipster” to even mention on the radio. It was an ad on Live 105 advertising a giveaway for Treasure Island Music Festival tickets, and while the “Hipster Immersion Program” page is no longer on the station's website, there are still a few teasers on Facebook. “For two days [the winner] will be fully immersed in hipster culture [at Treasure Island],” one post promises. “Learn phrases like, 'I really only liked their first album.'”

Ha ha ha — but seriously, Treasure Island and Live 105: This is a poor way to market your station and your festival. For one thing, the bands headlining Treasure Island this year — bands like Beck and Atoms for Peace and Major Lazer — are plainly not too hipster to mention on the radio. In fact, Live 105 has been playing Beck and Thom Yorke's other band for 20 years. And do you think the average Live 105 listener has heard of Diplo? Bet they have! They might have even heard of … Animal Collective! Give your listeners some credit.

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