Derrick May Proves Detroit Techno Is Still Alive at Public Works

Deep Blue presents Derrick May

Public Works

May 11, 2013

The evening began at Terroir, a wine bar in SOMA, drinking expensive bottles of wine for a French friend's birthday (because honestly, you can't get more Gallic than wine, cheese, and “rillettes”). There was a group of about eight of his countrymen, most of whom had never before been to San Francisco, and we were trying to figure out where to go next. At first, Monroe was floated; the prospect of seeing Tornado Wallace play to a crowd of North Beachers seemed entertaining enough (but it was deemed too small). Then I tried to convince everyone to hop on the BART so we could go to Oakland for a hardboiled techno underground (too far, probably no girls). Before anyone could propose anything else, another friend tore into the bar with tickets for Public Works in hand. The night was decided: We'd check out Detroit techno elder Derrick May. It was the right decision.

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