Dir en grey's Kaoru: 'We Don't Particularly Wish for All the Japanese Bands to Make It in the U.S.'

We sat down backstage at the Regency Ballroom with Kaoru, the guitarist and main composer for the Japanese metal band Dir en grey, during the brief gap between the band's meet and greet with fans and the start of its September 9 show. The conversation covered future releases, old songs that are new again, and how those VIP meet-and-greets are going for this not-so-outgoing band. Kaoru also had a lot to say, through a translator, about the current state of the Japanese rock scene in America.

It's been a long time since you released your last album. Why the gap?

Ever since last year we've been touring around the world. We haven't had time to write any new songs. We started producing new songs this year, but we've being touring

this spring and summer again. We just haven't had time to create a new album. That's

why there is a gap. We're working on writing for a new album now.

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