Dirty Vegas on Coming Back After a Commercial Hit, and Why an Ocean Is Not a Recording Barrier

It's 2002, and a man clad in a business suit and faded red Converse shows up everyday to breakdance in front of a sandwich shop to the same beat for his long-lost love. It's still hard to forget the video and beat of the infectious electronic hit “Days Go By,” made by British house group Dirty Vegas. However, after this monstrous hit followed by a not-so-good second album, the trio quietly disbanded and branched off into separate projects.  

The group came together almost a decade later to put out a complete album — one made mostly by sending tracks back and forth over the Atlantic. The promising Electronic Love was released last week. Full of catchy indie dance-rock and even sampling a few tribal grooves, the album returns to the sound that made Dirty Vegas a success. The first single, “Electric Love,” has already confirmed remixes from Eli Escobar, Runaway (DFA Records), DJ Fame, and more. Could it be that Dirty Vegas is making a comeback? We spoke to member Paul Harris during the band's West Coast stop in Tucson, Ariz., about touring, coming together again, and the pressure of commercial hits. Dirty Vegas will make its way to San Francisco for a show this Saturday at Mezzanine.

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