Disappointing Outside Lands lineup selling lots of tickets

Disappointed Outside Lands fan, we share your woe: The lineup this year — at least concerning headliners — just doesn't woo us like it has in years past.

Not to slam the bands at the top of the bill. My Morning Jacket, Furthur, Al Green, Phoenix and the Strokes are all decent-to-damn-fine acts. (Kings of Leon is, well, popular.) But for Outside Lands to maintain its momentum into a third year, those names belonged in big type under a huge name — a blockbuster on the level of Radiohead or Pearl Jam or Beck or Dave Matthews Band. Outside Lands brought us three days of titans in 2008 and 2009. But there isn't one booked for either day this year.

Allen Scott, Vice President of Another Planet Entertainment, which produces Outside Lands and books several major local venues, told us that fans should look at the overall lineup — not just the headliners — to judge the festival. He also told us we were crazy for being disappointed.

“The festival is the sum of its parts and not necessarily headliner-driven,” Scott said in a phone interview. “People need to look at the festival as a whole — that's the wonderful thing about a festival.”

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