Disco Gets Revenge at Go Bang!; Jason Kendig and Jackie House Take on the Endup

Go Bang! with Michael Serafini // Play: Locals Edition featuring Jason Kendig and Jackie House

The Stud // The Endup

Saturday, Jan. 4, 2013

The “D-word.” For a long time, disco was a taboo subject. As a popular phenomenon, it's still used as a touchstone for the musical (and general) excess of the 1970s. But at a deeper level, the genre at the root of modern dance music carries some somber baggage: it was the soundtrack to a free and exuberant decade in gay American life that was cut tragically short by the ravages of AIDS. San Francisco was hit particularly hard, which is partly why the sound fell out of favor in the late '80s and '90s: The memories and wounds were just too fresh. It was easier to forget and go underground than try to relive any aspects of that moment. Yet all things move in cycles, and for the past few years disco has enjoyed a renewed presence in San Francisco. Last Saturday I began my night at Go Bang!, a party that peddles the real thing — there were no polyester pants, light-up dance floors, or John Travolta-inspired finger-pointers.

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