Distortion 2 Static Turns Off the Mic After 10 Years, and More

From SF Weekly's latest print music section:

No More Static: “Me and Ariel Nuñez walked into the public access TV studio on a Friday in 2002, and they gave us a time slot for that Monday!” Halline Overby, who performs under the name DJ Haylow, is recounting the day that he and Ariel Nuñez were given the go-ahead for their hip-hop TV show. Named Distortion 2 Static, after a song by the Roots, the show quickly became a Bay Area broadcasting beacon: on it, Ariel Nuñez (also known as Rel), his brother Aries Nuñez (a.k.a. Prince Aries), and Overby profiled local artists without major reputations, and hustled interviews with soon-to-break megastars. On Nov. 25, they will close the show's decade-long reign with a farewell party at Mighty.

The way Overby and Aries tell it, Distortion 2 Static was fueled by the unbridled enthusiasm of die-hard hip-hop fans, coupled with an aptitude for professional broadcasting… [continue reading]

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