DJ and Producer iMFROMULL Talks Obscure Disco Edits and Keeping UK Disco Underground

While U.K. producer and DJ iMFROMULL has spent most of his adult life serving in the British Army and is currently a full-time welder, he’s always made time to explore his creative passion: finding and playing rare disco beats. Growing up during the birth of U.K.’s house music era, he attended clubs often and found himself attracted to the underground vibes of the side rooms rather than to the main acts.

“I was more of a backroom junkie. I found these DJs stretched the boundaries early on, and was a much more intimate experience that gave me more insight into what actual 'real' DJing is,” he says.

In the past couple of years, he’s begun to truly pursue his passion by playing DJ gigs such as Scottish Soulful Weekender, a festival dedicated to underground forms of house and soul music. He’s also been continuously churning out a good number of edits of his favorite obscure or forgotten disco tracks. We chatted with iMFROMULL about his moniker, love of disco, and musical inspirations. He makes his U.S. debut this Saturday, April 4, for Go BANG! at the Stud.

What initially attracted you to disco music?

It was all by accident really, I knew from an early age that samples were being used for a majority of house music tracks. But always felt the need to investigate it more, to see where the original source of the samples came from. They almost always took me back to a disco record. It was also this that led me into the world of production, at first solely for my own benefit as most disco tracks where never originally designed with the thought of being mixed. 

Where did you get the moniker iMFROMULL?
It's very simple really, I like to let the music take priority. I'm merely just a guy from the City of Hull in the Northeast of England (him from Hull). We tend to drop our H's with our local Yorkshire accent.

What do you think are some differences in the U.K. disco scene vs. the U.S.?
Difficult for me to compare just yet. Disco is very niche here in the U.K. It is now slowly making a comeback in small pockets around the U.K., Brighton and London's Brixton area being in the forefront of it. But if I'm honest I'd rather it stayed underground and didn't get too commercial, as it is much more suited away from the all the marketing that the U.K.'s house scene has seemed to sadly go. And the fans are more purists not tourists to the scene. Personally I've had huge inspiration from the U.S. disco scene but sadly never experienced it myself. All I know of it is from books, films and the Internet. So coming over to play is a true honor for me.

Give us your top three favorite disco artists and how they impacted your career.
1. The late Larry Leven simply because without this guy I don't think disco would be what it is today.
2. Dimitri from Paris. Mr. Disco himself… how could he not be in this list? Fully inspired by all he has done. And could only wish to have his connections for his stem collection.
3.The Go BANG! DJs Sergio Fedasz, Steve Fabus and Prince Wolf. Not everyday a guy from Hull gets asked to come play in San Francisco, a city famous for its disco!

What would your fantasy DJ night entail?
Sadly all the clubs I’ve fantasized of playing at were shut down well before my birth. Always felt I was born of the wrong era. But as it’s a fantasy either playing at the Loft, Studio 54 or Paradise Garage would be an absolute dream come true.

Do you have any upcoming edits coming out?
I've always got edits under construction. As to when I release them is normally totally off the cuff. Some take a matter of hours, some take weeks. But I intend on seeing how a few tracks work out for me following my debut at Go BANG! So, hopefully very soon! 
What has been your favorite DJ gig thus far?
It has to be the UK's Scottish Soulful Weekender 4 last year. Not every gig do you come away with befriending everyone there. Can't wait to return to SSW5 in June.

What are you most excited about for your U.S. debut?
Getting to play disco in San Francisco! 

Where do you want to see your musical career go in the next couple of years?
I'm very patient and have always believed if people like what I do, then they will ask for more from me. In the meantime I'll just keep on enjoying it. 

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