DJ Harvey on How to Throw an Underground Party, Sarcastic Disco, and Not Having a Body Clock

It might seem like an artist whose fan base spans three continents — and who remains a prominent and defining figure in the underground electronic music scene — would not be excusing himself on a Sunday afternoon to go shopping with his wife. But with that, England's DJ Harvey demonstrated how a humble and carefree attitude has taken him on a musical journey from the '70s until now, picking up pieces of disco, deep house, and just about whatever catches his ear along the way. A prime influence in the arrival of the UK garage sound on Western shores, Harvey's roots include growing up during the height of the disco era and playing drums in a punk band. Now based in L.A. and Hawaii, his quarterly Sarcastic Disco parties run for 9 hours, with him often spinning the entire time. DJ Harvey recently chatted with us on the secrets on staying relevant, why it's best to keep the neighbors happy, and how to eliminate your body clock. Test your stamina as he plays a 4-hour set Saturday at Public Works.

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