DJ Spinna on Keeping Soul Alive With His Wonder-Full Parties

Establishing his career in the days of the 8-track, New York producer and selector DJ Spinna rose to fame during the height of the '90s golden era of hip-hop. Working with artists like Mos Def and Pharoahe Monch, he not only cemented his presence as a producer, but also gained renown as a DJ and solo performer, and as one half of the duo Jigmastas with MC Kriminul.

Beyond his hip-hop credits, Spinna is also known for his Wonder-Full parties, a celebration solely dedicated to the timeless melodies of Stevie Wonder. With 10 years of Stevie Wonder-themed parties reaching from Japan to the Bay Area, this unique event is a continuous reminder that the sounds of soul, peace, and love are still very much alive within the younger generations. Now two decades into his career, Spinna has managed to keep pace with technology by incorporating electronic music into his repertoire, as well as staying true to the hip-hop movement with a much-awaited Jigmastas release coming up early next year. Spinna recently spoke with All Shook Down about having Stevie present during Wonder-Full, venturing into electronic dance music, and his upcoming projects. He headlines Wonder-Full this Saturday at Mezzanine.

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