Dom: Show Preview

Dom has a mystique that is driven by dualism. In an April interview with Pitchfork, the musician whose mononym doubles as the name of the Worcester, Mass.-based group revealed fascinating tidbits that may or may not be true: Dom won't publicize his last name because the IRS (among other entities) will be after him to collect debts; he grew up in a foster home; his band desperately wants to be part of Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment; and he once aimed to create “a beautiful piece of art that would change the porn world forever.” Juxtaposing those mostly seedy details is the band's sonorous lo-fi indie pop, which represents a cheerier, far less complicated world. On Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, Dom's exhilaratingly hooky guitars and glittering synth lines rise above the cruddy production, and when the band's lead raconteur sings, “Just wanna feel the waves break” on “Rude as Jude,” the radiance is palpable. Only one question stands: Is Dom out to be subversive or genuinely sweet?

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