Don't Be Fooled By Oakland's Alan Young — Here's a Guide to the Motown Stars He Impersonates

As you may have heard, there's been a rash of misdemeanorly winings and dinings going on about town lately — well, for the last couple of decades — at the hands of one Alan Young, an Oakland sanitation worker with a knack for passing himself off as various Motown luminaries for long enough to be shown a good time by people who haven't been keeping up to date on what the Motown luminaries in question look like. This time around he was caught claiming to be Lamont Dozier, on whom more in a moment. The time before that, it was Cornelius Grant (“the unsung Temptation”), but according to this East Bay Express piece from 2002 (2002!), there's been a long line of ideally vague-faced black gentlemen of a certain age: 

Young had also passed himself off as one-time Temptations lead singer Ali “Ollie” Woodson, jazz bassist Marcus Miller, and vocalist James Alexander of funk group the Bar-Kays. Even under his own name, Young has played the celebrity con game claiming — sometimes simultaneously — to be the son of jazz drummer Lester Young, a musical affiliate and close friend of R&B crooner Luther Vandross, an arranger for jazz singer Nancy Wilson, an associate of Miles Davis, and the head of a fictitious production company.

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