Down Dirty Shake on Its July Residency at Milk and How To Support the Local Music Scene

When the members of Down Dirty Shake look at the state of the San Francisco music scene, what they see is opportunity. The Beauville Boogie EP, released earlier this year, boasts a polished sound that blends old-fashioned crooning with hypnotic rock. The S.F. group has spent nine years maturing its brand of psychedelic soul, and now hungers to be at the forefront, building a community around the local music scene.

Down Dirty Shake's month-long July residency at Milk Bar in San Francisco, Milk Was A Bad Choice, is the latest iteration of the band's efforts to make this happen. It consists of five shows, four of which are free with RSVP. Starting this Wednesday, July 2, Down Dirty Shake headlines a weekly rotating four-band show, along with DJs, artists, projectionists, and Beer Belly Pop Up Kitchen. Also, a compilation featuring one song from each band on the residency, Calcium Compilation Volume 2, will be available for free. Participating bands include surf-rockers The Love Dimension, the garage-psych outfit Coo Coo Birds, and a grand finale performance with psych-rock veterans Spindrift. Guitarist Kyle DeMartini sat down with SF Weekly to discuss jaded scenesters, why residencies are important for the local scene, and how to put S.F. back on the map. Stream The Beauville Boogie below while you read.

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