Download Tamaryn's Plodding, Not-At-All-Confusing Shoegaze Cut, 'Mild Confusion'

“We're not just jamming on this album,” one-named singer Tamaryn told Pitchfork about The Waves, the upcoming debut full-length from the San Francisco duo named after her. “It took me about 16 months to make sure every song fit.” That dedication to detail is perceptible here in the album's closing plodder, “Mild Confusion,” which, she explains, is the name of a psychological diagnosis she learned of at her day job (working as a secretary for a psychiatrist). The song named for that condition is a pretty epic/finely tuned piece of shoegaze, complete with drawn-out vocals, rainy guitars and a punchy, dry bassline.Here you will find no gimmicks, a rather restrained amount of reverb, and much to find pleasing. Nothing, er, confusing about that.

MP3: Tamaryn – “Mild Confusion

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