Dr. Israel Vibrates Dub Mission

DJ Sep's Dub Mission might just be the longest-running club night in San Francisco. It's easy to take the Sunday night party for granted, but it's done a lot to ensure that bass, reverb, and echo have a place in the city's nightlife, as well as continually featuring national and international artists of renown within the dub world.

Case in point: May 24's show with Brooklyn's Dr. Israel. Probably best known for the dubby jungle anthem “Inna City,” he's also worked with Rancid, Praxis, Santogold, and Bill Laswell. Also on the bill: Patch–a founding member of Heavyweight Dub Champion;Lady K, a protégé of Dr. Israel who hails from Washington D.C.; and, of course, Dub Mission's dubmistress, DJ Sep. This show is gonna be filled with dread vibrations in various iterations, so check it.

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