Eight Local Mixers Who You Should Help Storm the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs List

DJ Mag's annual Top 100 DJs list is known to skew heavily British and European (owing to its U.K. home base), but this year the publication is especially keen to spread the word outside those territories that the poll — and the honor — is open to anyone around the world.

No disrespect to DJs with umlauts, but let's do our part to stack the decks with a diverse selection of fine deck wreckers that hail from around here. The poll closes on September 23, which gives you enough time to check out a few of these spinners in the mix (whether live or via our links here) and submit your vote. Here are eight local DJs we think deserve consideration.

Mark Farina

A soulful house staple on global dancefloors for years (not to mention stereos, with his long-running Mushroom Jazz series), Farina's name probably rings the most bells abroad and has the greatest chance to secure a deserved spot on this list.

Listen: Mushroom Jazz Mix for Japan

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