Emoticons: Are They Necessary or Stupid?

I got into a spat recently with a friend over my use of emoticons in texts and emails. My thinking is that there's no nuance when communicating that way, and I want to make sure that my sarcasm/flirtation/dismay etc. comes across. She says it makes me seem childish. Who's right?


I do love a good spat, especially when it involves ({*}), which yours does not at all, but I also love any excuse to spread an emoticon vagina to the masses. For those not ITK, which stands for “in the know” (Not really, I'm just being an asshole), an emoticon is a graphic representation of an emotion or a facial expression, though occasionally you might come across emoticons that convey random ridiculous things, like robots playing football or stick figures getting flogged, which was, coincidentally, quite handy for my last Abstinence Instruction for Toddlers seminar.

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