Exclusive New Songs From Museums

The local band combines groovy electropop and plaintive vocals in their releases “Lucy” and “Soft Speak.”


While San Francisco band Museums named themselves to commemorate their self-described “art-formative approach when writing,” the electropop group is far from being a stagnant gallery display. Today, they’re previewing two brand new singles, “Lucy” and “Soft Speak.” Both tracks feature cool, crisp electronic beats, which juxtapose the earnest inflection in lead singer Chelsea Hicks Bryan’s voice.

Discussing with SF Weekly the inspiration behind the singles, Bryan explains, “Lucy is actually about one my professors who I was really inspired by while I was doing my Creative Writing M.A. last year. I was just stressed about how to make all of your life into one thing, all the things I do completely integrated fiction, music, volunteer work at 826 Valencia, my involvement in my [Osage] tribe and that song came out. I’d had a dream about my teacher standing in my backyard feeding my dog, but I don’t have a dog or a backyard. The image from the dream was just so surprising and I felt the song was a way to charge my anxieties into lyrics. Through singing it over and over practicing for shows and stuff like that, it forced me to meditate on uniting art and community, and in the end I actually started learning about how to do that.”

Usually, the five members of Museums compose their songs in a collective songwriting session, but “Soft Speaks” breaks away from this trend. “This one I wrote with my best friend years ago,” Bryan says, “When we were in college and had a tiny band in Virginia. So Soft Speak is a re-write and the lyrics were actually co-written.”

Check out “Lucy” here, and “Soft Speak” here.

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