Exclusive Premiere: Kat Robichaud's “Uh Oh”

Glam rocker Kat Robichaud didn’t have puppets in mind when she distilled her thoughts about lovers’ quarrels into the song, “Uh Oh,” but her collaboration with goth puppet master Dave Haaz-Baroque on other projects led to the creation of the song’s puppet-filled music video, which premieres here on All Shook Down.
The video opens with Robichaud sitting on a vintage love seat, surrounded by pop and geek culture artifacts, including a science textbook, a Sherlock Holmes-style magnifying glass, a toy Dalek, and a pith helmet and goggles hanging over a framed charcoal drawing of a feathered dinosaur.

[jump] Robichaud appears to be visiting the parlor of an eccentric who might go on safari looking for dinosaurs, but she is searching in this song for something that can sometimes seem as elusive as a living archaeopteryx.

“We can talk, we can talk, we can talk about it,” Robichaud sings, “Doesn't change, doesn't change, doesn't change things one little bit.”

And it becomes clear that her subject is the struggle to find harmony in a relationship plagued by fights.

As heavy as that might sound, this is a hopeful song. And when Robichaud sings, “We can dig, we can drag feelings back from the dead/ Do an autopsy and dissect everything that was said,” a velociraptor puppet briefly surfaces in the foreground, as if to let the viewer know that impossibly elusive things can be found.
The raptor briefly goes back into hiding, but it doesn’t take long for all hell to break loose. What had appeared to be a normal plant comes to life, revealing itself to be “Audrey” from “Little Shop of Horrors,” and suddenly Robichaud is surrounded by puppets that are lip-syncing and dancing to her music.

If this sounds like something out of The Muppet Show, that would make sense. Haaz-Baroque previously cast Robichaud in his Shadow Circus Show in order to pay tribute to the classic puppet variety TV program’s format, in which each episode featured a human host interacting with the Muppet regulars.

When Robichaud sang, “Uh Oh” during her Shadow Circus appearance, she wore a Haaz-Baroque-crafted wig that was actually a puppet in disguise, complete with a remote-activated singing mouth.

“I said ‘Oh, we have to shoot a music video with this!’” the singer noted.

The velociraptor is joined on screen by other hard-to-find creatures, including Haaz-Baroque’s popular Hipster Sasquatch and Pickup Artist Nessie characters.

As for finding peace when you’re fighting with your partner, Robichaud has no magic formula to offer, other than suggesting that you practice a little emotional intelligence.

“When you’re in a relationship, nine times out of 10, the argument you’re having is childish,” Robichaud said. “And if you could just get past the emotions you’re having, you could have an adult conversation.”


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