Facedating: How To Politely Decline a Facebook Request

I recently went on a few dates with a young woman and after the third date she found me on Facebook and sent a friend request. It's not as if I have any highly incriminating photos of me tongue kissing a Labradoodle (on Facebook), but it is quite a window into what I'm doing in any given week. I like this young lady but don't yet know if there is long term potential so I'm reluctant to give her that kind of access to my virtual world.  How do I explain this to her without offending her interest?  Also, at what point do you think it is appropriate to make a friend request of somebody you're dating?

Virtual Commitment Issues

Oh, your precious virtual world needs protecting, does it? From all the Labradoodles dry humping the internet? Well, how do you think this poor girl you're dating feels, reaching out for you in the dark like a raccoon or a bat with really poor night vision for some reason, while you rattle on and on about Arcade Fire and share pictures of your breakfast scuffins (Not quite a scone, not quite a muffin!) to three hundred of your closest “friends”?

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