Fantastic Negrito Drops New Video Featuring Fans Sharing Their Personal Quarantine Stories

The clip for 'Chocolate Samurai' shows the many ways people are staying occupied while they shelter in place.

“Have you lost your mind yet?” asks Xavier Dphrepaulezz, the Oakland musician better known as Fantastic Negrito.

With a new song, “Chocolate Samurai” will be on Dphrepaulezz’s forthcoming record. Few details are currently available about the pending Fantastic Negrito release, but Dphrepaulezz’s team promises more info soon.

Until then, check out the clip for “Chocolate Samurai,” which features contributed footage of Fantastic Negrito fans.

“I asked people around the world to send me footage of how they are coping with the coronavirus,” Dphrepaulezz explains. “This is what came back. A moment of light. We may be isolated behind closed doors, but we are in this together.”

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