Fat Mike Just Pulled a 'Don't You Know Who I Am?' Move and Bragged About It Afterwards

If you're not inclined to follow all of San Francisco's pop punk legends on social media, it's possible that, on Monday night, you missed Fat Mike (aka Mike Burkett) — frontman of NOFX and owner of Fat Wreck Chords — going on a tirade about the evils of Mission Bowling Club

In a pretty remarkable post titled “Darla and I Strike out at Mission Bowl!”, Burkett went into incredible (and unbelievably unashamed) detail about asking for free things on the basis of his fame, and then being stunned and appalled to not get his own way. Here's the full text from Fat Mike's Instagram account:

We'll remind you that this is the same man that once wrote “Scream For Change” — a little ditty about how annoying it is to be asked for free shit by strangers. But that was back in 1989, and clearly a lot has changed for Burkett in the interim. Like 10 more albums (which makes 12 in total), worldwide fame, and a fair amount of wealth. We'll also remind you that NOFX's most recent album was called Self Entitled. *Ahem*

To recap: Fat Mike took a child into a 21+ venue, demanded not just free food, but beer too, from a complete stranger, then had the audacity to hit the internet after his totally unreasonable requests were not met, rat out the nice person who'd been giving him free shit, while also advertising his series of douche-moves to the world in an absurdly self-entitled manner.

Just… WOW.

We're not quite sure what Fat Mike was hoping to achieve with this post — bad publicity for Mission Bowl, probably — but all he's actually done is demonstrate that the pitfalls of fame can happen to literally anyone, including the totally awesome, down-to-earth punk guy who, somewhere in the recesses of his brain, knows exactly how shitty it is to talk down to people who are just trying to not lose their jobs.  

Predictably, fans immediately responded in support to the post and negatively to the Mission Bowl employee — “fuck that guy”, “lame-o”, “what a douche” etc. — but thankfully, there were plenty of other commenters who called Mike on his bullshit (which is clearly something he is now largely unaccustomed to). Some of them were spectacularly on point:


Embarrassingly, even when multiple objections to the post had been made, Fat Mike still didn't get what the problem was:
We love NOFX and we love Fat Wreck Chords and we love what Fat Mike did for Bay Area pop-punk in the 1990s and beyond. But clearly Monsieur Burkett has lost sight (at least momentarily) of what living in the real world looks like. And that's both mortifying for him and depressing for the rest of us. 

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