Five Attempted Pop Comebacks Even More Annoying Than James Blunt's

It came to my attention that James Blunt is back with a new album this week.

Considering that the mere sight of his face evokes my inner rage, the

thought of his actual music is enough to make me want to drive off a cliff.

If you remember, he was that guy in 2006 with the song “You're Beautiful”

where he wailed on the chorus about — you guessed it — a girl being beautiful.

Now Blunt's back with his latest album, Some Kind Of Trouble, which

might even be worse than I thought it would be, and got me thinking of all the other annoying pop artist comebacks from the last few years that I wish never happened. Here are five of those:

Enrique Iglesias

If he wasn't stomach-churning enough in the late-'90s and early-'00s with

Latin-tinged pop tracks like “Bailamos” and melodramatic ballads such as

“Hero,” Enrique Iglesias devoted last year to attempting to ride the Jersey Shore

popularity wave with his bi-lingual dance album, Euphoria. The end

result of all that work pandering to the Miami club crowd? A single (“I

Like It”) that briefly peaked at No. 5, an album that debuted at No. 10 before

plummeting on the Billboard, and a complete loss of dignity.

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