Five Awful Attempts at Making Music by Rich, Beautiful, Famous People

As we all know, it's easy to take pot-shots at stupid, beautiful people. Incredibly entertaining, yes, but easy nonetheless. Honestly, we would stop doing it altogether, if only these clueless floozies would stick to having ridiculous incompetence levels in only their general lives, rather than stepping into the world of music and doing it there, too. Hey, models, “it” girls, and reality stars! Stop goading us with attempts to launch music careers! We have to keep laughing at you! Here are our five favorites.

1. Paris Hilton “DJ”s in Brazil on Saturday

The problem with being surrounded by Yes Men is, well, this sort of thing. We can only assume that at some point, Paris Hilton, bored in a club in the South of France or somewhere, looked at some turntables and went “I could do that! Right, you guys?” and her entourage all made coughing sounds and stared at the ceiling for a while and then just started emphatically nodding and going “Totally, sure, suuuuuuure”. The result — if Saturday's “DJ” set at Sao Paulo's Pop Music Festival is anything to go by — is so utterly shambolic, it defies description. Observe in the above clip Paris yelling: “This is my new song, 'Last Night,' with Afrojack!” Then giggle as you hear a member of the audience mock her nasal pronunciation of “Afrojack.” Finally, allow yourself to become bewildered as Hilton accidentally puts on Rihanna at the same time as 'Last Night,' then starts singing her song anyway. The (excruciating) lesson here? Putting on nice headphones and waving your arms around does not make you a DJ.

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