Five EDM Tours that Paved the Way for Identity Festival

The good folks of Identity Festival, which comes to Shoreline this Saturday, don't want to lie to you. Yet despite what they've claimed, they're not the first-ever electronic touring festival ever seen in America. It's merely the first electronic-only touring festival that has visited major outdoor amphitheatres in North America. That's a big difference.

These fine distinctions have somehow eluded other reporters both local and national. And of course, when people like headliner Steve Aoki repeat it in interviews, it starts to take hold that EDM maybe didn't exist until major players like William Morris Agency and Live Nation took notice. Granted, due to all sorts of, um, mitigating factors, it can be hard for some hardcore EDM punters to recall the exact details concerning their culture's gradual ascent to mainstream acceptance in the States. But without the often thankless efforts of countless promoters, DJs, and scenesters throughout the country over two decades, you'd probably still be screaming “disco sucks” at every act taking the stage this weekend at Shoreline. Here's a sampling of the EDM tours that came before IDentity.

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