Five Great Jimi Hendrix Samples in Hip-Hop Songs

Today is officially Jimi Hendrix-Winterland Day in San Francisco, which is a fine excuse to soundtrack the rest of your afternoon with a dose of Hendrix's classic guitar grooves. But beyond the deceased guitarist's own oeuvre, his music has received a second life as the sample source for a fair few rap classics. So with some of hip-hop's most lauded producers nattily plundering from Jimi's vault, here's a count down of five of the very best Hendrix samples.

5. Digital Underground, “The Way We Swing”

Sample: “Who Knows?

Shock G's astute sample ear was seemingly so smitten with Jimi's brooding and bluesy opening guitar riff on “Who Knows?” that he flipped it into the signature sample for the Underground's freaky statement of intent. “You're just a sucker hip-hop borrower,” spits Shock at one point in the song, although were Jimi around to hear “The Way We Swing” we suspect he'd likely appreciate the homage.

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