Five People Were Shot at Chris Brown's Show in San Jose Over the Weekend, But Don't Worry, Chris Brown is Fine

Human-shaped piece of garbage Chris Brown performed at the Fiesta Nightclub in San Jose this past Saturday night for a KMEL-sponsored party, taking the stage just after 1 a.m. on Sunday. Within half an hour shots rang out as his security team hustled him offstage, soon after which five different people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. All five are expected to survive.

[jump] The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that the San Jose Police Department warned the club owner about the potential for violence (presumably enacted by other people, not exclusively by Chris Brown) and recommended increased security. This could have something to do with the fact that not six months have gone by since three people, including Suge Knight, were shot during a Chris Brown performance at an MTV Video Music Awards party in L.A. 

The (somewhat upsetting) video below captures the mayhem after shots were fired, around the 1-minute mark, while Brown was in the middle of performing his thoughtfully written love song/hit single about how hoes are not loyal. Have you heard? Hoes totally aren't loyal. This Chris Brown guy is on to something. 
No arrests have been made yet. But Chris Brown, being Chris Brown, decided the most appropriate use of Twitter following the night's events would not be to express concern or sympathy for the victims, nor to condemn the violence outright — but to reassure his fans that he was fine. “I'm 100” is how he put it, to be specific, though he then thought better of it and deleted the tweet.

Anyway: We repeat, walking reminder of the degree to which misogyny is still acceptable in the entertainment industry/pop culture at large Chris Brown is just fine. Thank god. He'll return to San Jose for a show at the SAP Center March 6. 

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