Five Reasons Courtney Love Is Wrong About Saxophones Not Belonging in Rock 'n' Roll

As we all know, in the 1980s, the coolest member of any band was always the sax player. It's why Rob Lowe played one (while wearing a beautiful headband) in St. Elmo's Fire, and it's why Tina Turner's sexy sax man showed up in The Lost Boys, looking unspeakably magical (see above). But this week, just when we thought she was on the right track (being civil in the same room as Dave Grohl and such), Courtney Love went and blew it by declaring that “saxophones don't belong in rock 'n' roll.” Now, we'll be the first to admit that the horn of plenty isn't as ubiquitous as it once was in the world of rock, but to outright dismiss it just feels lazy and a bit mean-spirited, given its undoubtedly important place in music history. Good things involving saxophones can and do happen — here are five unwavering examples.

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