Five Reasons Why Bird is the Word For Local Band Names

Birds are entrenched in popular culture. Putting aside The Eagles, To Kill a Mockingbird, and “Blackbird” by The Beatles, consider more recent winged occurrences: Harry Potter lives for a time with the Order of the Phoenix, and his pet is Hedwig the owl. Morgan Freeman lent his voice to a flick about penguins.

San Francisco bands have proven especially susceptible to the avian obsession. Sure, there's your run-of-the-mill giraffe band (Giraffes? Giraffes!), and even tigers sprinkled here and there (Spandex Tiger).
But the king of this metropolitan jungle is the bird. Birds? Birds!

To name a few of the infiltrated:

Barn Owl
The Battlin' Bluebirds
Bird By Snow
Birds & Batteries
Birds of America
Birds of Every Flavor
The Bye Bye Blackbirds
Golden Birds
Pigeon John
Red Leaf Black Bird
The Moanin Dove
Sorcery Bird

What could possibly trigger a musician to say, “By God, that's it!” as a grimy San Francisco pigeon solicits him for breadcrumbs? Here are 5 reasons why “bird” is the word:

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