Five Songs That Should Have Been Nominated For an Oscar This Year

Really, Academy? Only two nominations for Best Original Song this year? And they're both from children's movies? Because there were so many songs on your shortlist (39, to precise), and because only songs that score an average of 8.5 out of 10 from your voters can get nominated, you basically just made yourselves look like a bunch of incompetent, music-hating fools. And now — joy of joys — we get to watch you all decide who gets an Academy Award this year: a Muppet-based ballad or the soundtrack to that cartoon bird thing. We'll be on the edge of our seats the night of the awards, for sure, with those freakin' options. (Not.) Here, then — from your very own not-so-shortlist — are five songs that should have been nominated for an Oscar.

1. “Gathering Stories,” by Jonsi (from We Bought A Zoo)

Sweeping and gorgeous, full of epic romance and rushes of feel-good joy, Cameron Crowe is The Best when it comes to putting together great soundtracks (just think of the songs he resurrected in Almost Famous). This would 100 percent be our choice to win the Academy Award for Best Original Song this year. It's just beautiful. But no. Let's give it to a pile of a muppets and a comedian instead. That's a much better idea.

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