Five Ways That Newly-Engaged Steven Tyler Is Kinda Creepy

We were touched this past week to see both Aretha Franklin and Steven Tyler get engaged (not to each other, obviously). It stands as heart-warming proof that you're never too old or flamboyant to find love. In the midst of celebrating the Aerosmith frontman's exciting engagement, however, we also realized that apparently, you're also never too creepy to find The One either. Here are five reasons why Steven Tyler is still kinda creepy (engaged or not).

His Wife-to-be Looks Like… Uh-Oh…

It took us a minute to put our finger on whom Erin Brady reminded us of — and once we realized it, we shuddered for a full five. Yes, folks, Steven Tyler's soon-to-be wife bears a striking resemblance to Liv Tyler — Steven's daughter. It wasn't obvious when Erin was still a blonde, but holy crap, as a brunette, it's seriously apparent. Do us a favor, Ms Brady, and get the bleach back out asap before the Tyler offspring notices. Creepy!

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