Flipper Announces Two New Albums, Prepares to Tour

When last we heard from seminal Ess Eff punk icons Flipper, the band had reunited and was preparing to hit the road on the Warped Tour, in support of two new albums: a studio release called Love, and a live recording entitled Fight.(Apparently, there's nothing more punk rock than one-word album titles.)

But that's old news–ASD told ya as much a few weeks back; the latest in the band's 30-year saga is that ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, who plays on the new Flipper album, has decided not to tour. Novoselic has been replaced by Rachel Theole (Frightwig/Mudwomen/Van Gough's Daughter), who will join original Flipperheads Bruce Loose, Steve Depace, and Ted Falconi. Both new albums are scheduled for a May 19 release. Additionally, the band's classic back catalog will be reissued for the first time in many years, in honor of its 30-year anniversary, and tours of Australia, Europe, and the US are slated for later this year.

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