Flo Rida, Soulja Boy, Britney Spears Among Top Ten Downloads of the Week

The 10 Most Popular Illegal Song Downloads on Big Champagne This Week

1) Flo Rida ft. T Pain – “Low”

I'm glad people download this instead of purchasing it simply because Flo Rida seems to think “Apple Bottom Jeans” and “boots with the fur” are acceptable things to wear in public. Reality check, please. However, placement on the Step Up 2 soundtrack gets major points.

2) Soulja Boy – “Crank Dat” (Soulja Boy)

I've listened to the iTunes sample more times than I can count, but I just can't fathom paying money to an artist that started on YouTube. Come on Soulja Boy, if it started free it should stay free. Evidently the fans feel the same way.

3) Alicia Keys – “No One”

Alicia Keys has some major pipes and a pretty decent album. People should actually purchase her stuff and download Ashlee Simpson instead.

4) Fergie – “Clumsy”

Usually I'm all about Ferg. She's catchy, she's fun, but I need to know–why would anyone listen to “Clumsy”? Easily the worst Fergie song ever.

5) Chris Brown – “With You”

At 18, Chris Brown doesn't really need more money. Let's say he sells a zillion albums what will he spend the money on? Another crib? More cars? Save your dough, he has plenty.

6) Colbie Caillat – “Bubbly”

When I drive and secretly listen to the Top 40 station I pray this song comes on the air. When it does I belt it out so loud that my car probably shudders in disgust. I could make fun of this song, but I would just be mocking myself. (Click 'More' for more)

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