Fly Over The Bay in A-1's New “Unpredictable (The Repo Man)” Video

The Bay Area's A-1 dropped a Repo Man-inspired video that simultaneously pays tribute to the 80's cult-classic flick and the West Coast's distinctly laid-back style. Viewers take a ride over the bay in a flying car as a meditative beat underpins the emcee's introspective lyrics, which he balances with a sort of clever humor in lines like, “the whole Bay know I'm popping like I opened up a Pringles can.”

“[The video's visual] is based on the last scene of Repo Man, where the main character hops into an alien car and rides off into the abyss of the city night,” A-1 said. 

It's not the first time A-1 has taken inspiration from his television. One of his earlier mixtapes, After School Special, is based on '90s television shows and helped the rapper gain a fan base through internet buzz while still living on his friend's couch.

This track, “Unpredictable (The Repo Man)” is off A-1's Thurlian mixtape, which was released early last month.

“Thurlian is a compilation of songs I've been recording over the past two years that all symbolize different aspects of what it means to be 'Thurl,' which is to Think (for oneself), Hustle (for one another), Understand (each other), and Really Live (one's life to the fullest),” A-1 explains. “This project was inspired by my experiences while traveling, seeing different parts of the world and realizing that human suffering is a constant struggle everywhere. As someone with a voice and a following, I feel I have the power to influence those who are willing to listen, and therefore I think I'm somewhat obligated to use that voice for good.”

Take a ride below: 

And here's another, slightly more aggressive banger off the mixtape: 

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